About Us

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SACREDLife was opened in December 2015 and its mission is to provide a sense of community in the area of wellness, personal and spiritual growth. Our goal is to make our events accessible and affordable in the spirit of giving. We also offer world class one on one therapies and training at very reasonable rates.


About SacredLife's founder Karen Grace:

Trained as a teacher, Karen has a Master's Degree in singing and was Academic Head of Vocals for the Academy of Music and Sound in the UK for several years. Karen's music interests complemented her work in the healing Arts. Karen is trained as a Reiki Master, Aura Soma Colour Therapist, Psychic Tarot reader, BioAcoustics sound therapist, Korean style Yoga teacher as well as having explored many other healing therapies and meditation practices for over 25 years. 

Karen is also a published New Age artist and you can find her meditation CD here.