Vibe Yoga

We  offer VIBE yoga classes here at SACREDLife by appointment. If you would like to attend a regular class or are after some one to one sessions, you can call to book or enquire as to what times are available. Please call us on 0479 123 272. Classes run for 60-90mins. Fee: Only $25 for your very own private session. 



VIBE YOGA is fun, healthy and easy to learn. It’s a very accessible yoga for all ages and can also enhance your current yoga practice with some new and powerful concepts. This unique yoga comes from Korea and is an holistic combination of yoga, tai chi and Ki Gong designed for optimum health. This dynamic mind-body practice is based on Korean traditional wisdom, including the rich history of Sun Do (Korean Taoism).  The principles of this Yoga are informed by the wisdom of the Chun Bu Kyung, a 9,000 year old text expounding the essential truths about “Ki” or energy. This combination yoga practice is intended to help  balance the flow of energy in the body for improved physical, mental and spiritual health.  A class includes some or all of the below and varies a little each time:

  • A unique meridian tapping warm up
  • Stretches, bounces and rotations for flexibility and lymphatic drainage
  • Special energy building / holding poses with focused/specific breathing
  • Energy meditation for building awareness of your energy field.
  • Traditional Yoga poses, Ki Gong exercises and Tai Chi movements.
  • A special focus on the lower dahn-jon (sacral chakra) for balance, power, will.


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