My my, it has been a month!

This last month, we have had no less than 10 things break, die, break down, need fixing etc. Cars, vaccuums, computers, pets, washing machines etc etc etc. It has been challenging. I still haven't fixed everything. It must look funny when I use a tent pole to jack my car boot open in the car park, lol!


Anyways, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and the light is now shining a bit brighter now. At least I have a computer! I have been happily preparing materials for the publisher, a new meditation CD to come out next year. Exciting! I have done another local gig at the Crabbes Creek community hall and got chatting to some nice locals. I even sold two Cds. Lovely! (We don't get paid to play at the is done for the community spirit and fund raising for events at the hall.


What else? Well, I have had to upgrade a bit of gear, and we are shooting skywards with the sound therapy, which is close to Star Trek stuff, and I love Star Trek. One day you will walk in the door and press a button, and you will get zapped with sound and colour vibrations, and probably some zero point energy thingy, and it will help realign all those wonky chakras and your energy field. I really can see that day arriving. In the meantime, Bio-Acoustics will have to do, and it is very, very interesting stuff....


Anyway, I am attempting to FINALLY do a brochure, but have been waylaid by realising horrifyingly that when I recently changed this website's template, some text disappeared into tiny scribbly illegible lines, so here I am updating the website and putting wrongs to rights etc etc. And so, I have updated a lot of things to make sure we stay current. One has to be in the mood for these things.


Well, I can tell you that I was NOT in the mood for what the last two weeks dealt me, and I had to use all my skills to not go into a flapping panic and melt down. When it comes to computers and my recording software, I prefer to stay with what I know, but when Windows 10 says you can't do this with that anymore, it is definitely time to upgrade! Out with the old sound interface, and in with the new. That meant I had to read a manual or two, but all in all, I discovered that I had most of the new tools to hand, and the software companies were very helpful and prompt with their replies when I made my enquiries as to how to get my licenses transferred from computer to computer.


EEK. I love and hate computers...


Well, I am looking forward to smooth running for a while, and hope to get a bit more promotional and spread the word about what we are doing at Sacred Life. I have to be in the mood for that. Some days it is just not possible. Must be my creative, right brained dominance. Good with creating, bad with selling....Can anybody help?


Kind blessings and have a fantastic day.