Opportunites disguised as challenges

I must admit, I have had some challenging times lately. What has helped me get through it is a philosophy I took on some time ago, and continue to practice...which is to see every challenge as an opportunity to make positive change in my life.


Sometimes I have found this difficult to practice when in the throes of strong emotions, but at the back of my mind, I tell myself 'this too, will pass' and it eventually subsides and I am able to get back on track and find balance again. Meditation and also contemplation are what helps me.


I think it is an interesting thing to consider...meditation vs contemplation. I think all too often, it is easy to escape into meditation as a way of clocking out of this world and NOT facing what needs to change about our world view. On the other hand, to get into a meditative, higher spiritual state with a little conscious direction is an opportunity to heal, to learn, to rest, to relax and to bathe in higher vibrations which inform us on a deep level and help us to regain our lost balance and find the Truth in a situation.


Contemplation to me, is sitting in a semi-meditative state and activating the mind a little whilst resting on a question. I find that I am able to use a higher part of my mind to understand situations. In contrast, by not doing that, and when just thinking about a troublesome situation using my ordinary mind, I can get confused with all the options, viewpoints and judgements that come. When I contemplate, I notice that there is a different kind of thinking going on. I call it my higher mind. To access it, I find it requires a certain willingness on my part to be objective, to drop my current viewpoint and to sit and wait for something new to come in. I think meditation and contemplation go hand in hand, but are different too...


What are your opinions and experiences with this? I would love to hear from you.



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