Covid 19, 20, 21 etc

COVID 19, 20, 21, 22…..

Narayana Grace from Sacred Life says hello after a long online sabbatical..

Well, it’s been a long time since I have done a mailer or a blog, but I thought it was high time that I started again. It’s not that nothing has been going on!


In fact, so much has gone on that it’s hard to know where to start. I know that you can all relate to this. During a time when many people have been put out of work or severely challenged financially or psychologically, there are so many dynamics to contend with. Sorting out the truth – the wheat from the chaff is nigh impossible these days.


So, more importantly than ever, I find it necessary and essential to keep my spirits up by remembering who I am and what is REALLY important. As things get ripped away from us – from the downright obvious to the most subtle actions by government and police and doctors etc., it really is difficult to know what is best. Are we (and that includes our governments, doctors and police) being manipulated by the rich and elite of the world, or is this Covid19 thing all 100% kosher?


I don’t know the answer. I feel something fishy is up, but I am in no position to judge – in the ordinary sense. In a higher sense, when I feel into it with my psychic, soul nature, I KNOW that honesty is a rare virtue among governments, MEDIA and people in power. There are so many complex dynamics that inform how people behave. And if there’s one thing that’s certain….people go a bit mad when they are afraid. And greed and power never did anyone any good.


WE ARE NOT POWERLESS, PEOPLE. THE GIFT OF COVID19 is that those who had their eyes half open will either fall completely asleep…or they will begin to wake up. Which do you choose? Believe everything you hear from media, politicians, police, medical experts? OR, question, research, ASK QUESTIONS. Be prepared, be safe, yes….BUT also…THINK for yourself and QUESTION EVERYTHING.


So, I read, watch, sense and keep an open mind…AND prepare myself for what I imagine the future might hold.


To this end, here I am. Sleepy Cooran in the middle of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. I still do readings, I still run meditation class, I still grow vegetables, I still struggle with my own ‘stuff’ and I still continue to grow in my connection to the Divine. I am trusting my truth more and more as I get older, more experienced, less naïve, more powerful, less fearful and more in tune with who I am. It’s a lifetime task folks!


Anyways, I just wanted to drop a line and say, stay connected if you want. I will begin communicating more online ( I resist this normally – but, hey…what choice do I have...? I am a long way from so many of my friends and fellow light workers. )


In the meantime, if you would like to hear a channelling from Archangel Gabriel through me ( a new thing for me) online on youtube, there are two videos, one about ‘Coronavirus’ and the other about ‘Freedom.’ They are on the fairly new Sacred Life channel. Please subscribe if you like the content. Here is the link to the Sacred Life youtube channel:


I am also running a new meditation/sharing group here at Sacred Life in Cooran on Monday mornings at 8 am. If I get enough interest, I might add an online component via Zoom or something, so… let me know…



Blessings to you all x Narayana

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