Tarot is not just for predicting the future.

Reading the Tarot is More Than Just Predicting the Future

By Narayana Grace

(Wed 23rd June 2021)

The Tarot is more than just a way to predict your next job promotion or love relationship. It contains rich symbolism that can enhance your intuition and develop your insight by studying it. Did you know, for example, that the tarot cards contain numerology, astrology, colour symbolism, archetypes and mythology? These symbols and images are everywhere around us and learning about them can give us more knowledge about who we are and what they mean.


Is Tarot the same as an oracle? What should I use?

The tarot has come in many shapes and guises over the years, but is generally considered to have evolved in Italy during the 1400s. Some people get confused between Tarot and Oracle cards. They are two very different things. The traditional Tarot always comes in a particular format and follows four suits of Wands, Discs, Cups and Swords. These suits are sometimes given different names, but mean the same thing. There are 16 court cards which often represent people, 22 Major arcana cards that hold significant sway, and then 40 minor arcana cards, adding up to 78 cards in all.  Oracles can have any kind of symbolism or images and there can be any number of cards in the deck. Tarot decks are more complex a system than oracles, and require more study to understand. Oracles are simpler and quite popular because they are easier to use. However, learning  how to use them and to properly prepare your state of being before using them is still important and a step many novices make the mistake of omitting. This often results in confusion and ultimately, can sadly destroy one’s faith in the power and accuracy of divination tools.


You get what you ask for.

Whilst tarot can be an accurate tool for predicting the future, it is also an effective tool for life guidance and personal development. There are several ways to approach tarot reading. One of the biggest mistakes novice readers and clients make is to ask questions that require a yes or no answer. Firstly, I believe this insults the intelligence of this intricate system and I find that it responds accordingly. Secondly, getting a yes or no answer gives you no insight, no reason for the answer, and no opportunity for growth. Instead, use the tarot to give you more information about your options and help tune into your true feelings and natural intuition to make an informed choice.


Psychic messages

I usually combine both my psychic ability and the tarot cards within a reading. This is not a necessary skill for learning the tarot, but it should increase with regular training. When I start a reading I will not let the client tell me anything about themselves until I am finished tuning in to their aura and giving them the initial messages without using the cards. By then, usually, all the main concerns have been illuminated and after that point we go into more detail and I allow my client to ask questions and reveal details as required.

A psychic tarot reader can tune in and give extra information, using abilities such as clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling) and clairaudience (hearing). These abilities enhance a tarot reading for a client, but are not essential to getting an accurate reading. I’m primarily clairsentient and clairvoyant.  I also channel messages for my clients. It’s like I have someone behind me pushing me to say something.  It can be very insistent if I resist revealing the information, (because it’s either quite random or feels risky), but delivery becomes imperative, because the pushing feeling increases until I do. Channelling is a bit different to being intuitive. It’s a different ability and a skill that can also be developed. Sometimes it’s a message the client really NEEDS to hear and one they are ready to hear, even if they might not like it.  Some people are just born with the psychic gifts mentioned here, but you can also learn them too. I did.


Responsibility and ethics

As a reader, I consider it my responsibility to be as truthful as I can be and to reveal that truth in a safe and comfortable way.  I take that responsibility seriously because some people are very vulnerable when they come for guidance and it’s important to empower them and not to play God. None of us have all the answers and I believe tarot readings are to help illuminate the truth, to get the client to see things in new ways, to be encouraged, to be more informed, but most of all, to be empowered to trust what they already know – to get confirmation of their hunches and feelings. It is imperative to keep all psychic readings private and confidential and not to talk about them with other people unless you have the client’s permission.


How to use the Tarot for Personal development

Tarot can not only be used the traditional way for prediction, but can also be used for daily or personal guidance and focus. You can learn how to develop your intuition so that you can better recognise it and then to use it to benefit your daily life. It’s important to approach the tarot with respect. Learning how to prepare yourself and to tune in and to invoke support and protection will help you to grow your ability without confusion. If you follow the ‘rules’, you can begin to build trust and the system will magically respond and the truth will be revealed more consistently. Your interpretation of the images and symbols improves until you can feel beyond a doubt that the tarot indeed is an amazing, synchronistic and divinely guided system to help us humans make sense of confusing times. It can help us to regain clarity and insight into the most important things for our growth and life path at any given time.


If you would like to have a reading or learn the tarot with me, contact Narayana at karen@sacredlife.net.au for more information. I am based in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast and am starting my next 10 week course on the 8th July 2021.

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