Karen is a creative, dedicated and very experienced vocal teacher with a Master's Degree in Singing. She has performed over a span of 30 years in a huge range of vocal scenarios from busking to singing on international TV. She is also a multi instrumentalist and a published songwriter/recording artist. Here is what she says about singing and her teaching:


..."The best thing about teaching singing is that it makes me feel good! That might sound selfish, but it is one of the best jobs in the world. I get so much satisfaction and joy when I see someone come out of their shell and hear their voice, their personal stamp of self-expression come to life and gain confidence in the world." 


Technique can be the answer!  - "I enjoy teaching professional singers and seeing their eyes open with excitement when they find out that the problem they have been having is not only solvable, but it is clearly explainable. So, for them, technique is what brings vocal freedom, confidence and longevity."


So you can already sing? Nice one! You are making the world a better place! - So why have lessons? -" At this point, many singers who come to me are looking for inspiration to take their voice to the next level. This could be creative inspiration or stylistic help. For example, you might feel a bit stuck singing in a certain style, or the style you are singing in is challenging you a bit. Inspiration comes from learning to use your voice in new ways. Learning different textures, dynamics, stylistic nuances  or interesting modes and scales can really boost your motivation and your creativity. I really enjoy watching the spirit of their voice come alive with renewed enthusiasm!"


You can think you are awful and Karen will still teach you!  If you don't want to inflict your voice on your friends any more  - you are not alone! Here's what Karen has to say about this: -  "Despite all the time I have spent teaching over the years, I never get tired of teaching beginners. I love watching their eyes boggle when they learn how their voice works and realise that they are not as bad as they think. I take great pride in bringing people to a good level of singing from scratch. Some people even become singers afterwards. But most of all, the people that come to me for the above reason really do it to come out of their shell and be more confident in expressing themselves. They learn so much, and we share so much together in the lessons. It can be quite personal and I love the trusting connections, friendships and the feelgood factor."



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