Aspects of Awakening is a combination of meditation, healing, sharing, visualisation and inner development, angelic and intuitive guidance, Meditation is on Monday mornings. Beginners welcome. See current times for classes on the Events page. Please phone 0479 123 272 for more information.

Learn to visualise and sense your inner world through inner sight, physical sensation and journeying.


Guided by Narayana Grace, learn how to experience inner peace, silence and bliss and to transform negative into positive! Learn to recognise and trust your guidance. Learn how to manifest a more positive and fulfilling life. Narayana has been meditating for over 30 years and recognises the importance of meditating with others. The energy is easier to build and more powerful and healing with others present. Find it hard to quiet your mind? You will learn how to do this quickly and effectively! Please kindly call to confirm your attendance.

Connect to your true self and find inner peace and personal guidance through a series of intuitively guided practices each week.