*** Been told you are tone deaf? Been told you can't sing??? !!!

Most people are better than they think, and most people can learn and improve. Real tone deafness is quite rare.  Book any time in July for a Free 20 minute voice assessment and feedback. Find out the truth once and for all, at no cost whatsoever. Yay!

Just be on our mailing to qualify and then drop us a line to book. We promise not to spam or give your details to anyone. You can join the mailing list below.


**Additional help:

If you and a loved one would like some help, did you know that Psychic guidance/Tarot/Oracle can be used for relationship bonding and communication? By sharing in a safe space and being safely guided and allowing the images from the cards to speak for you, needs, concerns and wishes can come to light and be acknowledged and healed. Communication can be improved and suggestions for increasing intimacy, trust and connection can come through. For bookings or to discuss your concerns, please contact Karen on 0479 123272.

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