Sound Therapy - Amazing results!

Heal, Balance & Rejuvenate

Discover your most healing sounds through cutting edge vocal analysis and personalised sound treatments.

Unblock areas of your life where you are feeling stuck by finding the right vibrations to re-train your mind & body, and to release stuck emotion. We are one of only a handful of people trained in this powerful therapy in Australia. Results can be astounding. One past client was able to fall pregnant before forking out thousands for IVF. Another cured a long standing tendon issue. Another past client worked successfully through some difficult past events. Call us to ask if your condition may benefit from our approach. We love questions.


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We talk to you about your health or psychological problems and medical history.

Your speaking voice is recorded.

You get immediate feedback and a print out of an initial analysis of key issues that come to light. You also get to experience the frequency of your birth note. This can be a profound moment.


Whilst you are relaxing at home or at work, we spend a couple of hours to closely analyse your voice print and do any relevant research. At the end of this process we gather a group of very specific frequencies which we feel may be of particular help to you - relevant to your problems or reason for coming


You come back and we test these frequencies on you. You lie down and relax on a massage table whist we monitor your responses. At the end of this session, we will most likely have you best sounds for the healing you want. Sometimes we need a second session to refine the sounds and to double check your reactions to them before we make the final choice for your long term therapy. Then we make a CD of these sounds for you to listen to regularly. We give clear instructions and stay in contact for best follow up procedures.