March Special - Just $4 for your healing birth note, colour and list of music in your key.

Find out what your special birth note and colour are. These notes and colours are perfect for tuning you back to yourself after a stressful time. (I will need your day and month of birth). You can then sing the note, absorb the colour, listen to music in that key, and many other options. Just join the mailing list and find the special on the shop page. It's just $4!  You can also get a list of songs which are in the key of your birth note, if you tell me what your favourite artists or music is. Easy sound therapy. If you want to know more about your special sound and sound healing, have a read about Bio-Acoustics on the Readings & Healing page this website.

  Just be on our mailing to qualify for the above special and then drop me a line to book.

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