Here is a free opportunity to have your voice mapped and to see your key frequencies shown right in front of you in coloured bar graphs! You also get a free personality profile and a chat about what your special frequencies mean. (AND you only have to talk, not sing, by the way!) It's easy to do and it's fascinating to see! Read more below, if you like.


*** Did you know that the sound of your voice AMAZINGLY holds key information about you?

Bio-Acoustics unlocks the code that is hidden in the frequencies of your voice.

This frequency information is mind blowingly related to muscles, hormones, pathogens,  emotional and mental states and so much more, through Frequency Equivalents. In other words, the music in your voice has a relationship to the music (frequencies) of other things that resonate to the same tonal vibration. Your signature sound, the collective frequencies in your voice, tells your personal story and shows where you are in or out of balance. Bio-Acoustics can map these frequencies through several highly specialized programs and can check them against the Frequency Equivalents of other things, to give pointers as to  where you may best be helped. You can check, for example, the Frequency Equivalent of your medication or your vitamin supplement against your personal frequency map to see if it is harmonious with your needs. You can use this mapping to look at muscles and the spine to see what areas are calling for help, or to look at body chemistry and see what it is telling you about your health condition. You also have a personal birth frequency. You can listen to your frequency or the birth frequency of other people to see if your energy fields are compatible.

Bio-Acoustics voice frequency analysis can work beautifully alongside conventional medicine and gives an opportunity for your body to speak and offer supplemental information around issues of concern.


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