Christmas Special.

Give a friend the gift of song this Christmas.

Everyone knows someone who says they have been told they are tone deaf or that they can't sing, but that they always wanted to be able to, without embarrassment. You can give them that gift.

True tone deafness is very rare. I am an expert at showing people how to use their voices and to overcome their shyness, and can give compassionate and objective feedback to help them gain control of their voice, and therefore to improve their confidence.

And what's even better, singing is good for your health!

Just one $45 voucher will give them an expert vocal assessment and a gift of song.  (Usually $80)

I have been teaching singing for about 30 years, have a masters degree and have worked at schools around Australia and the UK. I promise they will feel GREAT after their lesson or YOU get your money back!!!

  Just be on our mailing to qualify for the above special and then drop me a line to book.

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For bookings please phone 0479 123272.

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