This kind of energy healing is perfect for raising your energy levels and balancing the chakras & aura. It can help identify and clear blocks and bring personal themes to light during the healing. It involves holding the hands on or above the body and sensing the energy centres and other parts of the aura, and shifting the energy frequencies with Universal Energy.



I have had Reiki before, but never felt something that powerful. When you first started I could feel this huge pressure on my chest and I thought I was going to explode. Then I felt it lifting and I felt warmth and expansion and felt light. Before, when I experienced Reiki, my mind was always busy. I would feel relaxed.. but this was so tangible. Thank you so much. (Kyra, Byron Bay, Jan 2017)

I just wanted to say that the session with you and the benefits thereafter have been amazing. I literally felt the negative energy in me being released and now feel free from it and better able to transcend other people's negativity. I have a clearer focus as a number of other areas/issues I had were also worked upon. It is hard to convey in words but just to say that it certainly worked and was absolutely what I needed. I will be back in Byron at Christmas and will be sure to book in again. Many thanks, (Ian, Sydney, Australia, Dec 2015)


Karen is a Reiki Master and also uses her psychic senses to tune into other aspects for healing, such as: energy attachments, injuries, past life issues, Angel and spirit guides, negative thought patterns being held in the body and aura, and key information regarding certain chakras that are most out of balance. Reiki leaves you feeling more relaxed, less stressed and more in tune with your mind, body and spirit. A course of Reiki is great for spiritual development and for raising your consciousness. Energy healing gives you a balance and a boost to set you back on track, or to help you learn about your own healing ability through visualisation and guidance that comes through with the healing. Sometimes Karen will include some Shamanic healing with a Reiki session if she is called to do so. This can be helpful for clearing negative energy or for retrieving lost or damaged soul fragments from current or past life trauma.



Confirmation again xxx I remember the night you came to my new home and gave me a fabulous reading just before I met *****.  I knew deep down that something good was coming and you confirmed it.   And now once again you've turned a negative into a positive and made things clearer xxxx (Sue, Buckinghamshire, England, Sept 2016)


Hi Karen, Thank you for my session on Friday. I found it very beneficial and really appreciated the healing alongside the readings. I do feel more grounded and I look forward to reading the chapter you recommend and will be in touch again soon. (Maggie, London, Sept 2016)


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