Shamanism is an ancient healing practice which honours a multi-dimensional existence and teaches that everything around us has a spirit, or life force. The shamanic path deepens our connection to Mother Earth and the universe. A shaman will traditionally work with a drum, in this case we use a hand made American Indian native drum. The drum enables the healer to go into a trance for healing of a person's spirit. The hypnotic drum beat sounds deeply into the subconscious, allowing journeys into the spirit worlds to restore peace and balance to the body, mind, emotions and soul. The shaman journeys into the landscape of the one they are healing and are guided by natural forces, animals and their team of healing spirits to identify the ways to restore the person's spirit. Through the traumas of life, a person can lose connection with deep, powerful aspects of their authentic self, leaving them feeling shallow, lost and often times afraid or weak against the flowing currents of life. Shamanic healing can bring these lost fragments of a person back together to bring a sense of wholeness again. Here are a few key shamanic practices you may experience in your healing session:


  • Soul Retrieval- The shaman’s role is to contact a person’s power animals & guides to journey with them to retrieve energy fragments that have been lost in the past through some kind of trauma such as a break up, a death of a loved one or emotional/physical abuse.  Retrieving these lost aspects brings renewed energy, personal power, groundedness and a sense of self and inner peace.
  • Soul extraction is a Shamanic psychic surgery performed by assisting spirits to rid the client’s body of stuck energies that are no longer serving them.
  • Past life and present life events can be identified, witnessed and transformed through Shamanic healing.
  • The healing rhythm of the native shaman’s drum can boost the immune system and help remove stress and tension from the body. Emotions can be recognised and released. Drumming over the body can be a cleansing and purifying ritual.
  • Meet your Power Animal or Spirit Guide. The Shamanic healer can be a guide to take you on your own personal journey to meet your power animal /guide or object.