SACREDLife is a relaxed & intimate, community oriented healing space on the border of the Tweed Shire & Byron Hinterland, nestled among giant bamboo, just five mins from unspoilt beaches.

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Minutes to the Sea

We want to help you on your personal journey towards a more enriching life. We understand that in today's world, we all need stress relief and to find ways to raise our consciousness for positive emotional and physical health. We can show you ways to better look after your body, mind, spirit and emotions to find balance. We are working towards inner and global harmony and peace through meditation, awareness workshops, creativity, personal development, body mindfulness and intelligent, conscious living practices. Come join us and explore how you can manifest a stress free, happy and healthy existence in harmony with your true self and life mission, and give Earth and the world a little bit of love in the process.

We humbly offer our expertise to help you find the sacred in your life as we continue on our own journey towards the truth, divine love and higher consciousness.

Group and individual support for personal development, health & consciousness.

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