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What is a 'sacred' life? 


Sacred, to me, does not necessarily connect to any particular spiritual path or religion. I make the word 'sacred' describe a sense of objective holiness - an all encompassing, beautiful, light, loving and intelligent energy that defies verbal explanation. I believe it must be sought out and experienced. A sense of sacredness brings greater meaning, joy and purpose to life. Meditation, prayer, chanting, developing psychic skills, body awareness, learning to sense subtle energy, doing well guided yoga and so forth, all can be fuel for our innermost, sacred flame.


Living a sacred life is to act in a way which honours and respects all in even during the simplest of activities. The magic of deeper experience is always there, ready to meet us when we are ready to meet it.  It means to seek the highest consciousness whenever possible, and to sense the finer energy behind the coarse façade of physical life to become a happier, more caring, healthier, more loving and successful human being. How do we do that? I believe that connecting consciously with other like minded people helps us to wake each other up. Together we can and learn to listen to our intuition and become more empowered to be agents of positive change for the world around us. 


 Wherever you are in the worldif you are choosing a more awakened, more sacred life, then most likely, like many of us,  you will be in metamorphosis. If your faith in the old world is crumbling down and you are seeking new ways of living and being, loving and learning, then you will recognise the hidden blessings that the challenging world circumstances are offering right now. 

While Sacred Life is based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, I encourage you to communicate, connect for a reading or a healing, or for help with finding your own path to your sacred life no matter where you are in the world.  Connect with us and become part of the important movement towards a better sense of community, caring and consciousness. This website is in metamorphosis too, so please send your thoughts if you feel drawn to connect more deeply. If you are interested in connecting in person around the Sunshine Coast area and building community, please drop me a line. Blessings  x  Narayana