Facilitating inner peace, transformation & community spirit


Sacred Life Mission is a humble, beneficent project aiming to provide a safe, loving, compassionate, non-judgemental space for those who wish to develop their spirituality naturally, without dogma, and in harmony with kindred spirits and mother nature.  


We aim to provide a variety of activities for health and wellness of body, mind, spirit and

the land. 


Sacred life has landed near Gympie, QLD. Happy, happy, joy, joy!   


  If you feel your old world is crumbling down and you are seeking new ways of living and being, loving and learning, then you will recognise, like us, the hidden blessings in the challenges that you are facing. Drop us a line to connect and to learn more as our story unfolds. 

Sacred Life Mission aims to be accepting of all spiritual / religious paths unless  they are in direct conflict with our principles and charter. We aim to be totally transparent in our beliefs and financial records to all members. 


Sacred Life Mission will develop in response to the needs of the local community.  Connect with us!