The frequencies in your voice are like a hologram of the body

Discover your most healing sounds through a unique process of vocal analysis and personalised sounds with Bio-Acoustics.


Sacred Life Vision will be offering the amazing opportunity for locals Gympie and the Mary Valley to experience what this frequency therapy can do.


Learn about how frequency connects everything and prepare for your perspective on life to shift dramatically! Unblock areas of your life where you are feeling stuck by finding the right vibrations to re-train your mind & body, and to release embodied emotion. AND... you only need to talk. There's no singing or performing needed!


What exactly happens in this unique sound therapy?


In confidence, you share what it is you are seeking to shift or learn about.

You talk into a microphone and your speech is recorded into custom programs. You get immediate feedback and a print out of an initial analysis of key issues that come to light in the way of Frequency Equivalents (FEs) You also get to experience the frequency of your birth note. This can be a profound moment.


Once your voice has been recorded it is processed through several different programs which identify your special frequencies with the guidance of the sound analyst.


The information is then cross referenced across the programs until certain out of balance frequencies appear to come to the fore. 


These frequencies have equivalents in nature, including Frequency Equivalents (FEs) of musculature, of emotions, of biochemicals and pathogens. 


Research is then undertaken to find the link between your special frequencies and the FEs that will be helpful to your concerns. A group of personal frequencies are gathered for audio testing.


The special frequencies are then tested on you for your reactions. This is  an impressive moment - experiencing the subtle power of sound on your body.


For this, you lie down and listen to the frequencies with headphones on. Your personal responses are monitored and noted to each sound.  By the end of the session, your best sounds for healing will be clarified. 


After your sounds are tested on you and your reactions are noted you are then informed what each sound related to and it is usually very revealing and also confirms that the FEs are very real and can be very impactful when used for the right purpose.


You can then have these personalised sounds made for you to listen to regularly. Follow up support is offered to help you to monitor and correctly assess your progress and to offer further support and advice.