Psychic Tarot Reading with Narayana

Have a reading  to find what is in store for travel, relationships, family, work, business, money, career and health. Your psychic tarot reading includes the use of clairvoyance, clairsentience, Tarot, oracle message cards, spirit guides and aura reading. A reading can also help to gain more clarity around your personal and spiritual development.  Readings work fantastically via phone or Skype, and your satisfaction is guaranteed or you get your money back.


Valentines Reading 60 mins  $95

Straight Up Reading 60 mins $95

Annual Intensive 90 mins $150


To book a reading, choose the length of time by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the adjusted sale prices below. Once payment is received, I will contact you asap to arrange an appointment. If you are hoping for an ASAP online reading, please phone or email first to confirm availability on 0479 123 272


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Energy Healing

A healing with Narayana is intuitive and personal to you. Narayana combines reiki, shamanic healing, voice and singing bowls as psychically guided for your personal healing journey. Narayana works with Angels and spirit guides as well and may work with you to help you make a connection and receive messages from them to assist in your healing as needed. Your personal journey will open your heart, mind and soul to new ways of thinking and more integrated ways of 'being' in your life. For more information, please have a look around this site about the healing techniques available.  Narayana does in person and distance healing internationally. Readings work fantastically well via Skype and your satisfaction is guaranteed or you get your money back.


To book a healing, choose your time frame by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the default price below. Once payment is received, we will contact you asap to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, you can phone or email us on 0479 123 272 with any questions.


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Spine Vibrations - Healing Music for the Spine, Body, Muscles, Organs and Subtle Body

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Spine Vibrations Healing Music and Tones for the Spine, Body, Muscles, Organs and Subtle Body

Gain immediate relaxation and rejuvenation of the spine through powerful frequencies and beautiful healing music.

 Spine Vibrations can be used for regeneration and as a general tonic for the nervous system by listening to it in its entirety. Choose your favorite tracks intuitively, and then look up the frequencies and compare them to the trouble areas you are aware of.  Listening to the music as a chakra journey in meditation can offer an opportunity to go deeper into the messages and lessons of each energy centre, and your instinctive liking for particular tracks a key to where you need to be working at any time. It is an opportunity for soul healing, relaxation and upliftment.


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Shamanic Healing - Shamanic Journeys: Power Animals & Soul Retrieval

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A great tool for personal development and healing, the Shamanic Healing CD introduces you to one of the more powerful instruments of shamanism - the shamanic journey. In two guided shamanic journeys the listener encounters their power animal(s) and learns how to retrieve lost parts of their soul. The guided journeys are meant for beginners; an additional drumming track without words allows for the more advanced practitioner to journey for deeper insight. All journeys begin with grounding and finish with a conscious closing. 


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Opening2Intuition Starter

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Eight eloquently flowing, beautifully simple and well-paced visualizations for enhancing intuition and psychic connection. This is a great starter and covers how to open up, how to protect yourself, how to create sacred space, psychic protection, grounding and closing down, as well as meeting your spirit guide and a journey to discover your past lives.


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