Heal Yourself with Music for the Spine

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Everything in the body vibrates at its own special frequency. This is scientific fact. When we are thrown out of balance through physical, emotional or psychic shocks, our body and psyche can weaken or overload, creating distorted and unbalanced vibrations. The Chinese have known this for centuries, and the recognition of this is the basis for the traditional healing art of Acupuncture and Kinesiology.
In Spine Vibrations, low frequency sound waves are fed back to the body via the brain to re-mind the body what the original healthy frequency was. When the sound waves that you most need are played to you, they balance these peaks and troughs to bring the mind and body back to a harmonious state. In this state, healing can

Develop Your Intuition

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Opening 2 Intuition Starter

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Hi Karen. I ordered one of your CDS after our healing/reading.  It arrived today!!  I'm looking forward to meditating and opening up again. I'm feeling great still and have been drawing down the power since our chat xxx (Sue, Milton Keynes, England)



Heal Yourself with Shamanic Journeying

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Bliss Out with Karen Grace's Soulful Songs



Metamorphosis is an inspirational concept album with thought provoking songs and beautiful, atmospheric music which can be purchased from the Sacred Life shop here.

Karen is an award winning, published recording artist, musician and songwriter. She teaches singing and has a Masters degree in voice.

"Hi Karen, I can listen to JUST A RIPPLE over and over again, I hope never lose that marvel of listening! See you on the billboard top 100 charts!" - Terry