Narayana is an accurate, proven and expert Psychic Tarot reader with over 25 years experience. Narayana is also a caring & intuitive healer, Reiki master, sound therapist and singer who has worked internationally for many years. Call 0479 123 272 or book online.


"Hi Narayana, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredibly intuitive reading tonight. Even though we called via Skype, your ability to transcend and reach to the core of the issues - even before I raised any questions - was a talent invaluable beyond words. I deeply appreciate your imparting unique advice and steps that I could execute easily to help me move towards a higher karmic existence. You are truly an angel sent to aid me towards the path destined for me to realise my highest good. For that, you have my eternal gratitude and love xx Vivien Wong"  (Sydney, Australia)


 "Spot on reading, all the time!"  (Mandy, Sydney, Aust )


"Narayana gave me the best psychic reading I have ever had. Covering all aspects of my life but also concentrating on particular issues of questioning and concern. Thank you."   (Amelia )


Having a tarot reading is a remarkable experience and can bring clarity during life changes and emotional or difficult times.


A trusted psychic tarot reader can also uncover aspects of your life that may call for some unravelling or healing, and this is a most rewarding experience.


At SACREDLife we can also support your reading with an individualised healing session to deepen the understanding and shift any key issues that may require assistance.

Call now on 0479 123 272 to book your reading.



Expect your aura to be read and your colours explained from the perspective of your key talents, abilities and potential issues. Expect to hear about things that may occur in the future in relation to money, love, family, health, career and travel. Expect to have your questions answered before you have asked. Expect guidance for handling and responding to troublesome situations. Expect to have fun. Expect to leave with more clarity and understanding of the events going on around you. Expect to be treated with genuine kindness and concern.  Expect clarity, accuracy and a money back guarantee.


More Testimonials

"Informative reading, clear communication. Exciting knowing there is guidance around me. Really appreciate your time and energy."  (Daisy, Melbourne, Australia)


'Narayana, I feel that you are 'gold'. You have enlightened my mind and my heart. Love to visit you again. Thank you. (Wendy Biasia)


 'Your guidance is really priceless. Look forward to reading what you bring up.. I actually quite nervous about it to be honest! :)' (Kahlia, South Australia - email reading)


Thank you so much for my reading. I was so glad to be able to have you read for me again because the last one was so accurate, and your advice sits well with me :) Thanks again. 

(Jasmin, Alice Springs , Australia)


Hi Narayana, I just wanted to let you know I did as you suggested and trusted my feelings and it all worked out with my girl. We had an amazing weekend together, the closest we have been. Thankyou for your help. (Damian, Gold Coast, Australia)


Hi Narayana, I had a fantastic tarot reading with you on the 26/3..thanks again, I found it so helpful. You mentioned a 'Protective Armour Meditation' that you could email me? Sounds great, I would love to have a listen. Hope all is well in Byron, I am keen to get back for another reading with you sometime! (Victoria, Sydney, Australia)


Narayana made me a beautiful space for me to balance. Thank you for knowing the moment we began why I was here! Reiki with Karen sent me into a state of bliss, helping me unblock fears causing my anxiety. Narayana is very attuned, a beautiful soul! Much love. X


Hi Narayana, thank you very much for answering me that is very kind...I am so happy you picked up on things and it does still give me hope..thank you Narayana for your time in answering my question i am very very grateful xo (Joanne S)



Hello Narayana, 
Thank you so much for the e-mail and the book reference! 
...I am doing fine since our reading/heeling and I am still integrating everything we came across into my system... I think things will slowly fall into place and just keep on moving into the right direction. 
I wish you could be in Berlin as well so that I could come see and work with you on a more regular basis. So thanks to you again! (Alex N - Berlin)
(Re: free Monthly Special - one question reading)
Thanks so much for the swift reply.
Glad you remember me - I really enjoyed your reading for me last time back in 2015- it helped me through a very hard time emotionally,
Looking forward to hearing back from you :)
Catherine Xx (Ireland )