Karen Grace

Karen is an award winning singer / songwriter and has a Masters Degree in Singing.



Karen has over 25 years’ experience as a singing teacher, keyboardist, performer and songwriter. Once signed to Polydor, Australia, with manager Glen Wheatley with pop/ rock band ‘Eve’ Karen has won multiple national & international awards for her songwriting and performances and holds a Masters Degree in singing.  Karen was Academic head of vocals for The Academy of Music & Sound in the UK for several years. Now residing in Northern Rivers, NSW, Karen teaches, records music, runs SACREDLife wellness centre and is recording for Findhorn press, Scotland.


Masterclass in Glasgow, Scotland.

Pictures Past & Present


Name: SacredLife

60 Bluegum Court,

Crabbes Creek, NSW, 2483

Email: karen@sacredlife.net.au

Telephone: 0479 123272