Karen Grace - Psychic Tarot Reader & Healer

Karen Grace is an Adelaide born intuitive healer and psychic/tarot reader. 


She moved to the Byron Bay are in 2014 following 15 years’ work & training in the UK. Karen has over over 25 years experience as a psychic and tarot reader and established herself as a reliable and accurate reader for locals, tourists and international clients with repeat clientele and word of mouth referrals.You can read some testimonials here.


In tune with her psychic work, Karen is a multi-dimensional healer & uses voice, shamanic drumming, singing bowls, Reiki and Angelic connections for shifting consciousness, clearing negative patterns, past life journeying and raising self awareness.


Karen has been a reader at Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Australia and the UK for several years. She has presented workshops on healing and consciousness and has worked actively with sound and colour for consciousness and personal development. She is clairvoyant and clairsentient.


Karen has experience and qualifications in the following areas:

  • Reiki Master
  • Psychic development - shamanic, mediumship, aura reading & channelling.
  • Aura-Soma Colour Therapy
  • Bio-Acoustics sound therapy
  • Healing with Sound & Colour  (Master's Degree - Distinction)
  • Psychology (Diploma of Teaching- Highly Commended)
  • Meditation & Consciousness
  • Yoga

Karen is published with Findhorn Press with Opening2intuition products (Psychic Development Starter CD, Shamanic Healing). Soon to be released in June 2017 is Karen's deep healing therapy music 'Spine Vibrations', available from Amazon as a pre-order. Later in the year Angelic Healing is due to be released with the Opening2intuition team.


Karen has manifested two exciting and powerful divination products due to be released later in 2017. Join the mailing list for release specials and availability or have a look in the shop.

Colour, Sound & Consciousness

Karen reads your Aura and can pick up on distressed areas, areas of talent and psychic messages from what she sees through her inner sight. In a healing session she chooses intuitively for you and can use her voice, singing bowls, shamanic drumming, reiki and Angelic guidance for your healing.

Tarot, Angels, Psychic Messages

Karen combines psychic intuition with her use of Tarot, Oracle and her own special deck to give you information about all aspects of your life, including relationships, love, family, money, career, business and health.

The Healing Power of Sound.

Karen can offer a unique and powerful form of Sound Therapy to her clients if this comes up in a reading. Through this type of therapy you can find your birth note and the most healing tones for your development. The sounds can also be fine tuned for specific problems and taken home for regular listening and balancing. It is particularly good for muscular issues, stress, chronic pain and for releasing deep emotional holding patterns from the body.